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When it comes to vehicle modifications, window tinting tops the list as a popular service. However, not every window tint service is the same, which is why we use PRIME by XPEL. Our skilled installers combined with the quality of the material will yield a result that will last as long as your vehicle.

We specialize in tinting very difficult-to-install windows as is typical on super cars and luxury vehicles.  Windshields on these super cars are usually slanted very low, which makes them quite big. Tinting one of these windshields with a single piece of film is a task few can do to perfection. It isn’t just the size either. The compound curves on these windshields add to the complexity of the installation.

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Prime XR Plus (Nano-Ceramic Film)

If you're looking for maximum performance & protection from your window tint, look no further than nano-ceramic window film like PRIME XR PLUS. Ceramic tint is designed to block out the most infrared heat possible, while reflecting harmful UV rays to keep you safe. No matter the shade, ceramic window tint delivers results you expect. There's no better place to start than the top. If you're wanting the most out of your next window tint application, it's time to start looking at nano-ceramic film options from XPEL. Designed for maximum UV protection & heat rejection. this window tint can keep your vehicle cooler & more comfortable wherever you're headed.

XPEL Prime Tint
XPEL Prime Tint Install

Prime CS (Dyed Window Film)

Don't let the name fool you - dyed window tint is hardly a thing of the past. With all the advances in modern film technology, PRIME CS BLACK will change the way you think about dyed tint, delivering UV protection and a look that's made to last a lifetime. When comfort and cost is key, dyed window tint won't let you down. PRIME CS BLACK can cut out the glare, protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and make any journey that much more enjoyable. 

What tint is right for you?




Full car (4 Door Sedan) 

*Price excludes windshield 

$350 + 




Full Truck 

*Price excludes windshield 

$350 + 




Full Vehicle 

*Price excludes windshield 

$400 + 

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